Bannockburn House

Bannockburn House was built for Sir Hugh Paterson and was completed in 1675.

Hugh Paterson owned coal mines and was a wealthy lawyer as well as a factor for the Earl of Moray. In 1746 his son, also named Hugh Paterson, hosted Charles Edward Stewart, otherwise known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, at Bannockburn House before he was defeated at the Battle of Culloden that same year. Whilst staying at the House Charles became better acquainted with Paterson’ niece, Clementina Walkinshaw, who he’d known since he was a child. Walkinshaw would become Charles’s lover, and had a daughter by him named Charlotte in 1753.

In 1878 the house was sold to the Ramsey family who in turn sold it to Alexander Wilson in 1883. The Wilsons were a wealthy family of textile manufacturers who owned mills in Bannockburn and became famous for the tartan cloth they produced. The building fell into disrepair in the 20th century but was purchased by the local community in 2017. Bannockburn House is now an events space and visitor attraction.

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