Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines


We use social media to support our mission to promote a wider understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of Stirling’s historic built environment. Our content covers a wide range of topics, from fascinating facts about Stirling’s built heritage to advice for traditional building owners on the maintenance of their properties. Any opinions expressed by our followers on social media do not reflect the views of the Trust, its trustees, employees, or affiliates. We may post links to other organisations, we are not responsible for the accuracy of other organisations or businesses. Reposting does not count as an endorsement.

We kindly ask that our followers and social media community respect the social media Code of Conduct detailed below.


Code of Conduct

1. Respect

To ensure that everyone feels comfortable interacting with us and others, we respectfully ask that all posts and comments on our content are positive, courteous and do not cause offence. We reserve the right to delete any of the following content and block users who share such content:

  • Hate speech as defined by the police and Crown Prosecution Service
  • Comments that defame any person or organisation

2. Relevance

We welcome on-topic discussion on our content. Please keep comments relevant to the original post, and don’t repeat the same message across multiple unrelated posts. Spamming, off-topic posts or comments are likely to be removed.


3. Promotions and Campaigns

We will remove any links, messages, images or text on our social media used to advertise individuals, personal campaigns or businesses unless they have been agreed in advance. Users repeatedly posting such content may be blocked


4. Privacy and Web Safety

Avoid posting any personal information publicly (eg. email, telephone, address, bank details). Be aware of scams and fake pages or profiles and be cautious of clicking on links posted by others in comments.


5. Intellectual Property and Copyright

Please do not post any copyrighted material on our social media pages without permission to do so from the copyright holder. This includes branded text, graphics, images or video.

Please respect the copyright of SCHT material and ensure that appropriate credits are maintained when sharing our content.


6. Political Affiliation

SCHT have no political affiliation. We may follow and repost content from politicians that are related to our work but this does not mean we have any links or affiliations with them.


Working Hours

Stirling City Heritage Trust’s social media accounts are regularly monitored between 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri (excluding Bank Holidays). Although we will attempt to monitor and moderate our social media pages within this period, we are a small team and cannot respond to all posts, messages or comments immediately.

Please remember, human beings run our social media.

For urgent enquiries or to speak to someone directly we recommend calling us at 01786 498462