Shop Front Grants

The Traditional Shopfront Grant is for local shops in Stirling to help fund repairs or enhancement works. 

The Trust has a history of working with other local partners to support the conservation and enhancement of shopfronts in Stirling City Centre. The improvement of 6 shops in King Street in 2012 are examples of where we partnered Stirling Council to deliver high quality shopfront improvements.

Why are traditional shopfronts important?

Traditional shopfronts are an important part of the townscape and their appearance contributes to the vitality and aesthetic of Stirling City Centre.

In any town centre, there is a variety of shop types showing the development of styles and materials over time. While modern shops may prevail in some streets, there are interesting traditional survivals throughout Stirling and also in smaller towns and villages of Stirlingshire. Mosaic entrances, traditional blinds, curved or stained glass all contribute to the streetscape and are worthy of retention and conservation.

You can find out more about traditional shopfronts in the Historic Environment Scotland Short Guide: Scottish Traditional Shopfronts.

Short Guide: Scottish Traditional Shopfronts | Hist Env Scotland


Ross Hastie painting a shop sign on Barnton Street


Barnton Street traditional shop front signs after grant work


Ginger Roots traditional shopfront after grant work

Who can apply?

The Traditional Shopfronts Grant is for local shops within the Stirling City boundary.

The grant is for repairs or enhancement works such as hand painted signage, timber repairs, conservation of traditional details and reinstatement of missing architectural features.

Grants are available for up to 70% of eligible works to a maximum of £2,500. Additional grant funding may also be available from the Go Forth Shopfront Improvement Grant Shop Front Improvement Scheme — Go Forth Stirling

If you would like to find out more and have an initial discussion about your project please contact Lindsay Lennie on

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