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Projects & Grants

One of the key roles of Stirling City Heritage Trust is to distribute grant funding. Primarily this is to help building owners undertake appropriate repair of their traditional buildings.

We also carry out outreach work to raise awareness in the heritage of Stirling, and from time to time offer grants to other groups to undertake heritage projects that benefit the wider community.

A Vision for the City of Stirling’s Historic Environment

The Trust’s vision for the City of Stirling for 2012-18 was to focus its core grant strategy within Stirling City Centre. In partnership with the communities, organisations and businesses within the city centre and through funding initiatives and outreach work we  contributed to the economic growth, resilience and regeneration of the City of Stirling.

The Trust also took forward the Traditional Buildings Health Check Scheme pilot project increasing membership throughout the Stirling City Boundary. Our Traditional Building Repair Grants supported members to take a proactive approach to property repair and maintenance, to improve the condition of Stirling’s traditional buildings.

For 2018-2021, we are looking at how to most effectively deliver our available funding as grants. More information will be announced in summer 2018 of how people can apply for funding.

Our Grants

The Trust has operated a number of grants schemes since 2005. Our Large Scale and Small Scale Conservation Grant scheme operated until 2012 and helped owners to tackle roof repairs, sash and case window refurbishment and masonry repairs. Through this scheme the Trust assisted 178 buildings with 287 grants. Our Community Heritage & Environment Grant Scheme allowed local organisations to apply for funding to deliver local community projects such as the renovation of the King’s Park Memorial Fountain.

Since 2012, our core funding concentrated on the City Centre where grant funding supports economic regeneration and tackled issues such as vacancy. The Trust worked with local owners on its King Street Funding Initiative, aimed at repair and enhancement of this key historic street at the traditional commercial heart of Stirling.

The Trust also assisted Historic Environment Scotland in promoting better maintenance and appropriate repair of traditional buildings through the innovative pilot project the Traditional Buildings Health Check. Members of this scheme had the opportunity to apply for the Traditional Buildings Repair grant.

Grant funding was also made available to deliver outreach projects including the John Allan celebration, leaflet and book including working with local primary school pupils.

All our grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trust and are subject to meeting eligibility criteria and whether funds are available.

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