Schedule Of Repair

Schedule of Repairs

The schedule of repairs service has been set-up to support Traditional Buildings Health Check members in getting quotes from potential building contractors which are easier to compare.

The schedule of repairs service is limited to smaller repair projects, where the total works would come in under £25,000.

There is an additional cost for this service. To enquire about ordering a schedule and find out if it would be appropriate for your project email

Using the Schedule of Repairs Service:

The schedule of building repairs can help members get quotes from potential building contractors which are easier to compare. However, this service is best suited to smaller repairs to your property.

We recommend that where works are larger or more complicated, or a higher level of specification is required that you consider employing a building professional (Architect or Chartered Building Surveyor).

How does the small repairs schedule service work?

Once a TBHC inspection has been carried out, a member can discuss the priority repairs with the TBHC team.  Once these have been agreed, a schedule can be prepared. This will summarise the repair works which contractors are to quote for. It provides a simple document to issue to building contractors and obtain comparable quotes.

Who can produce a Schedule of Repairs ?

We can undertake this service for our members for a small additional fee after the inspection report is completed. Contact us for a cost.

Members can also appoint another independent expert to produce the repairs schedule, such as an architect or surveyor, or download our template schedule of small repairs.