Membership Benefits

Traditional Buildings Health Check Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the Traditional Buildings Health Check Scheme provides year-round access to our services. This includes drone inspections for accessing high level areas of buildings together with specialist advice on how to understand building condition and the repairs needed.

Helping you to love your property

Maintaining and repairing traditional buildings requires the input of experienced and skilled contractors and professionals who understand their materials and methods of construction. Without the right repairs and maintenance, small issues can quickly grow into bigger problems.

Traditional Buildings Health Check members are offered impartial, expert advice on how to care for, and repair their older property.

The TBHC team can offer a helping hand through the process of choosing repairs including:

  • Guidance through the process of undertaking repairs
  • What you need to know when working with contractors and building professionals
  • Advice on the most compatible materials and methods to use with older properties
  • Advice about the best timing for maintenance tasks to care for your building.

Traditional Building Repair Grant

Traditional Building Repair grants are available to Traditional Building Health Check Members to support the cost of conservation-standard repairs to historic and traditional buildings.
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Inspection Service

Find out more about the condition of your older property and what repairs are needed. Become a member and take advantage of a subsidised traditional building inspection and condition report.
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Schedule Of Repairs

Coming soon: The schedule of small building repairs can help members get quotes from potential building contractors which are easier to compare.
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