Multi-Occupancy Buildings

Working with your neighbours

For owners of flatted or sub-divided buildings, it is important to understand who is responsible for the repairs and what their share of the costs will be. The rules are typically laid out in the Title Deeds for a property but if not, the Tenement (Scotland) Act 2004 should be referred to.

Under One Roof

The Under One Roof website contains information on both legal obligations and building repair issues. There are over 100 articles on topics including legal responsibilities with downloadable model letters to make the whole process easier for owners. There is also advice on dealing with owners who refuse to participate in critical repairs.

Additional Resources

Further advice on working with neighbours can be found at:

Joining the Traditional Buildings Health Check

The Traditional Buildings Health Check scheme is open to buildings in single ownership as well as those in multiple occupancy, such as tenements, mixed use properties and sub-divided villas in Stirling.

To get the most out of the scheme and our grants programme, we recommend that all residents in multiple occupancy buildings become members. Individual tenement flat owners can arrange an inspection, but grant funding is only open to members of the scheme.

Find out more about the scheme