Traditional Buildings Repairs Grant

This grant is available for traditional properties within the Stirling City boundary which are members of the Traditional Buildings Health Check.

This is a Small Grant scheme designed to assist with priority external fabric repairs identified in your TBHC Inspection Report. The grant will be set at 50% of eligible works up to a maximum grant per building per year of £5,000. So, for example, on a building in shared ownership, that is £5,000 in total for any common repairs which would be divided between TBHC members.  In addition, for those in multiple ownership properties, as individual owners you can apply for a further grant for repairs that are solely your own responsibility e.g. window repairs.

The Trust is also developing a Large Grant.  This grant will be for those buildings most in need of repair and where that repair will have wider economic benefits. Criteria will be set for this grant with buildings identified through the inspection process.

The grants will be launched in January 2019 and details will be available on the TBHC website.

 If you’d like more information about this grant please contact the Trust office on 01786 498462 or email

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